Indonesia as The Next of Terrorism Country

Achmad Jedi

The Indonesia country is often shocked by the action of terrorism, that is the incident of the explosion of bombing which caused a lot of victims and detriment for Indonesia.  It is the biggest problem which is being faced by Indonesia country, moreover Indonesia often get sobriquet  as the nest of terrorism.

Starting from the incident in Bali which happened at 12th October 2002, which caused more than 2000 victims and the bombing also happened in Australia Embassy Office in Jakarta at 13th september 2004 and recently at 18th July 2009 Indonesia also got the calamity again that is the exploding two kinds of bomb which exploded in two places, those are in JW Marriot hotel which exploded at 07;47 and in Ritz Callton  exploded at 07;50. this incident which had been done by searval group of terrorist influenced to the economy of Indonesia it is about 5 M of detriment and also this incident caused the failure of MU players visiting to Indonesia to compete with Indonesia with Indonesia players. Sir Alex Ferguson as the trainer of MU shocked after hearing the information about the incident that happened in the place that would be placed by MU players and sir Alex directly decided of cancellation their visiting to Indonesia to compete with Indonesia players.

The big disappointment happened for MU players especially all of MU fans in Indonesia.

The incident of bombing which often happen in Indonesia country will get the negative conception that Indonesia will be called as the nest of terrorism and certainly it will soil the name of our nation in other countries. We are as Indonesia people disagree if our country is called the nest of terrorism, however it is unable to avoid it but it is the reasonable word for Indonesia right now.

We know that Indonesia is country which the majority of people are Moslem,  but the role of Moslem in undertaking this problem is not as easy as we hope .if we are back to the history when the big bombing happened in Bali at 12th October 2002 which the suspected of this incident are three persons of Moslem. Those are Amrozi, imam Imam Iamudra and also Ali Ghufron. By the incident of Bali is not only damage the name of Indonesia but also the name of Islam, so it is no wonder if Indonesia is called as the nest of terrorism, because it is a fact which happened. Moreover after the incident in JW Marriott hotel and Ritz cullton hotel which those places actually MU players whose would visit to Indonesia to compete with Indonesia players.

Realizing about this problem Indonesia government should be more propesionally in facing this problem, moreover this incident is related with substances of politics. Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) said that bombing which happened at18th July 2009 in Jakarta is done by serval group of the terrorist. However it is not sure that the terrorists who have done it before. He said. So it is more likely that the incident in Jakarta related with substances of politic.

Therefore, Indonesia should anticipate of the action of terrorism, remembering the terrorist in Indonesia is more increasingly, especially for Moslem to be always united firmly in an Accociation of Ukhuwah islamiyah in order to be able to undertake this problem is not as the nest of terrorism anymore.

Achmad Jedi, University Student of IDIA in Dakwah Faculty from Pontianak


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